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  We wanted a way to say thank you to all those who have given so graciously their time, love, prayers and much needed contributions for the never ending medical expenses.
“No one has ever become poor by giving.”  - Anne Frank .
We are hoping to someday repay your kindness with not only a beautiful smile from a most exceptional and strong human being but also by the path Heidi has now chosen in helping others.
      For now we dedicate this “Wall of Love” to all those who have opened their hearts to Heidi and  have joined our family, become part of our family and community of support.
Your mark on this wall shows that we can come together for a common cause and make a difference not only for someone else but inside ourselves as well.
“No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of others.” -Charles Dickens.

Rachele W.
Holly T.
David T.
April V.
Reece F. & Jane E.
Brandon T.
Carol & Roz
Philis & Judy
Ross & Diane C.
Louise & Tim
Dan, Jill, Caleb, and Ellie
Marissa W.
Jennifer W.
Dr. Joshua Prager
    & Staff
Dr. Jacobs
Dr.  Cat Dang
Dr. Sheetal Desai
Dr. Janellen Smith
Dr. John Molina
Dr. Anand Ganesan
Dr. Jeff Schones
Dr. Lioa & Staff
Dr. Cocke
UCI Medical Center
      & Staff
Doug & Darlene T.
Dave & Angie F.
Santiago, Tiffany, Nate,
and Elena L.
Dr. Samaresena
Elaine M.
Barbra B
Wayne & Willa M.
Rick Y. & Family
Stephanie Mitchelle
Rick Y. & Family
Stephanie Mitchelle
Hyatt Regency Century Plaza
Lisa T. and JCC
Maureen G.
Jim S.
Patricia A.
George V.
Earthworks Lawn Care
Mark C.
Jim S.
Teresa G.
Mike R.
Wil P.
Lehman Design Studio
Pamela L
Lisa T.
Steve R.
Dennis G.
Lesley F.
Bryce E.
Dominic M.
David H.
Keith W.
Cliff C.
Connie Z (;
Alyssa M.
Kimberly G.
Nicole F.
Kevin M.
Debra P.
Hasan G.
Ned S.
Joseph G
Anonymous (:
John, Lynn, Patrick B.
Walter H. Jr.
Nancy L.
Dave S.
A few Calvary Friends
Penelope H.
Burgin Construction
Curtis J.
Carol, Steve, Jen & Rache
Johnathan F.
Jim S
AQX Engineering
Cheryl C.
Jennifer & Brad W.
Raymond L.
Nick V.
Angela F.
Reece & J.F
Susan W.
Carol R.
Staucia S.
Garrick G.
Sara S.
Cortney S
Carla R.
Diamond Duct Designs
Rose A.
Nelson N.
Terri P.
Tina M.
Mark B.
Michael R.
Linda S.
Herzfield & Rubin LLP
Lewis B.
Philis & Judy
Annie & Gracie

“A kind gesture can reach a wound that only compassion can heal”
- Steve Maraboli

Special thanks to:
*Rachele for being the truest of friends and an example of humanity that should humble us all.
*Reece and Jane for their time, compassion and gathering all avenues of help available. For making us laugh even in the time of pain and giving unconditionally .
*Carol, Roz and all those in the beautiful town of Cloverdale, Ca that have shown what community, compassion and a town family is all about.
*Dan and Jill who have given not only their prayers, time and commitment to helping Heidi but have listened with love to our pain and responded with grace. They themselves face hardships and yet have given from their hearts and monetarily without question.
*Ross Chavez, Rick Young, Rich Hammond, Johnny and JP, Bo, Raymond, Markus, Jiri Novack, and the entire Bible Saop Team.
*For Dr. Prager and Dr. Jacobs and Staff for daring to push the boundaries of medicine and the medical community to help people with CRPS/RSD.
*Hyatt Regency Century Plaza in Los Angeles for meeting the special needs of Heidi and being so gracious in their accommodations.
**Jessica Stevens for being a strong and courageous face for CRPS/RSD and a new friend to Heidi. She has blessed this family with a hope that will carry on and hopefully help others as Heidi faces her new treatments.
** Fox News, Reporter Alexandra Limon and crew for helping to spread the word about Heidi and this rare and debilitating disorder.
* for all those who have responded so graciously with encouraging emails, prayers and help. Just having that support makes a huge difference in how she and our family emotionally deal with what's happened and what is to come.

* A "HUGE" hug to all those out there who are struggling with a rare, painful, or life debilitating circumstance or any combination of these. A shout out to those who think they are alone, YOU ARE NOT!!!! Warm thoughts to all of those who have sent advice both constructive and not because it makes our resolve and the path we have chosen that much stronger and clearer. This is such a scary situation to be in. One day, we hope that the medical stance in our country will find a balance between people's welfare and monetary benefits. As it stands today, people often have to rely on the generosity of others, and for those who have given so willingly and lovingly to this cause there are no words except Thank YOU!!!!

"There is no wrong act in Love.."   - Heidi's Dad
Richard D.
Crystal T.
Mr & Mrs. Dan K.
Pamela Perry
Dave & Gaye B (:
Betsy S.
Jerry B.
Emila R.
Virgina T.
Kristine, Christian, Molly & Lucky
Nick S.
Cynthia J. T. W.
Bandel Family
Nancy W.
Dave W.
Chili's Orange

"Thank You" is the best prayer that
anyone could say. I say that one a lot.
Thank you expresses extreme gratitude,
humility, and understanding.
- Alice Walker
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