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Current Events:

It has been along time coming but we finally have some hope for Heidi. We have found some places that have been willing to take on the
medical industry and fight for patients with CRPS/RSD. Unfortunately, with this comes that fact that they are all independent from any insurance
companies, cash only!

Good events:
8/1-8/4: We had to take Heidi to the emergency room. She had fallen and bruised her kidney again. She was dehydrated and had a kidney and urinary infection.
They were kind enough to look into her medical history, and admit her to treat her and get her pain under control. They were phenomenal in their willingness to
learn about her condition and help with her pain. They ran test and found something on her kidney, which is still being worked up. Her liver and spleen were
also found to be enlarge at the time. They decided to keep her there and comfortable until we good get her to her specialist on 8/5. We are very thankful to them.

Oh yes, and while we were there we discovered the wonderful world of cooling blankets which we are now trying to get an authorization for (:

8/5: We met with Dr. Joshua Prager, a specialist and pioneer in the treatment of CRPS/RSD. We so needed him at this time and his wonderful staff, both physically and emotional.
Heidi, although still in pain, now has hope. She left there repeating, "he understood, he really understood! I so needed that mom. Do you think he's really
going to help me and not quite on me. He says he's there for me. I hope he stays." She cried. WE cried and rejoiced.

8/13: We went to see Heidi's PCP (primary care physician) and he was overjoyed. He was so happy to hear that we wee finally getting somewhere and there was hop for Heidi.
He was one of the first to recognize the amount of pain and worked hard at getting us the help we needed and the doctors we needed, such as the ones at UCI. He quickly ordered
authorization for the cooling blanket and for urology at UCI.

8/14: We had a check up with the dermatologist Dr. Smith, one to check on Heidi's blisters but two Dr. Smith has been a great asset in trying to figure out what was happening
with Heidi and she likes to keep updated. She one of those great doctors that's willing to keep learning and growing. She reminded Heidi that if she needed anything at all
to let her know.

8/16: Unfortunately, this was a very hard day for Heidi because her beloved dog Bearfoot passed. Since the accident he has stayed by her side and watched after her. We
will all miss him greatly...

8/23: We met with Dr. Prager's psychoanalyst on the 23rd. It was very painful both physically and emotionally for Heidi. However, it was necessary and very good for her
emotionally. Heidi was able to express some things that she needed to and was able to hear and accept that she was not "CRAZY." She was so grateful to Dr. Jacobs for
listening to her and allowing her to express herself, but most of all for reassuring her what she was feeling was normal for the amount of pain she has been in and that
she was indeed not crazy! Heidi must have repeated, "did you hear her mom, I'm not crazy. I knew I wasn't crazy. I told them I wasn't crazy," at least 30 times on the way
to the hotel. Thank you Dr. Jacobs for a being a great help to Heidi.

8/31: Heidi met with her psychiatrist Dr. Dang who has been with Heidi from the beginning. She keeps regular tabs on Heidi and has been there for her. She is also overjoyed
and has also reminded Heidi that if she needs anything at all to let her know.

Note: As of the 31st we are still waiting on the cooling blanket and urologist for Heidi. Hopefully, soon we will get those authorizations.
Heidi's support system
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1 Corinthians 13:4-7
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